Revolution II

The beginning of the revolution will begin, are you ready?

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The beginning of an adventure



Race with melee attack, has a lot of technique with the use of axes and swords, has great resistance and great damage with his Slayer.


Masters of magic, kailiptons have the power to control the 4 elements of nature, water, earth, fire and air. His magic does great damage over long distances and his spells have the power to confuse the enemy.


The few surviving humans on planet Earth use technology to equip themselves, their firearms are powerful against any enemy.


Beings of nature, Aidias have the power to summon any monster, their healing skills and buffs are very valuable in combat


Hybrid beings, hybriders have great strength and agility, being able to disembowel with big mallets or two swords. His mallet techniques use both strength and magic


Perom are beings created from technology, perom are capable of causing great damage to their enemies, their evasion skills are incredible but have little resistance to damage received